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2018 奧巴馬保险参加时间段: 

Open Enrollment Period for: 11/01/2017 to 12/15/2017

Special Enrollment Period: Available anytime! 

(60天内有特殊变动并符合条件者适用, 具体情况请联系我们)

How we charge? How we go through the process? Check down blow:

我們怎麼收費? 提供哪些服務?請參照以下資訊.

  1. 奥巴马健康保险咨询. Obamacare health insurance consultation
    • 基本信息咨询: 免费  Basic consultation: Free
    • 深入咨询:  $ 50/家庭   Detailed consultation: $50
    • 7天内开始申请,减少$50申请费 If applied within 7 days, $50 transferred to application fee

2. 协助奥巴马健康保险的申请  Application Fee

  • 两个小时内, 收取$100..                   $100 if done in 2 hours      
  • 超过两小时, 按$50 每小时收费    $50 each hour after 2 hours

3. 协助低收入健康保险的申请                Medicaid Application  
  •  两个小时内, 收取$100.                    $100 if done in 2 hours         
  • 超过两小时, 按$50 每小时收费。$50 each hour after 2 hours