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健康保险您有了吗?您还在为昂贵的医疗费用担忧吗?健康保险不再是触不可及,Obama健保法律保障了您所需要的补助.任永剛保险事务所提供个人咨询服务 以及申请服务,为您轻松搞定复杂的程序,使您高枕无忧。

Do you have health insurance? Are you still worried about high medication-fee? Health insurance is no longer out of reach, because ObamaCare offers generous subsidy.

John Ren Insurance Agency provides personal counselling, and application support.


we can help you to apply for low income Medicaid health coverage from State government if qualified.

如果您是我们保险事务所现有客户,可享受 20% off 申请费。

If you are our current auto and home insurance customer, there will be 20% discount. 


1) 一家3口,年轻夫妇和8岁孩子 月收入$4,000, 银级计画月费$1,173, 补助$870,实际支付月费$303。

2) 同上的家庭条件 月收入$3000,银级计画月费$1173, 补助$1015,实际支付月费$157。

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